We are so excited to announce we are now able give back and plant a tree with every single order received! Yipee! 

Our tree planting partner The Eden Reforestation Project plant millions of trees around the world each month. We are currently supporting their incredible work in Madagascar

Not only are you helping combat climate change and helping to build a sustainable future with the tree you plant with your order, but you are also helping the extremely poor in Madagascar find a means to survive, with employment to plant the trees, and ensuring rare animals have homes and food to eat in the forests we are helping rebuild

'Madagascar is more than just an island from an animated movie. It’s a nation with over 200,000 species of plants and animals that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. Yet, more than 90% of Madagascar’s original forests have been destroyed, displacing entire animal species and taking away the Malagasy’s ability to farm and live on the land. Entire mangrove estuaries are gone, leaving the bare earth to wash away into the sea.'

Check out if you would like to know more.